Diving at Leybourne – Covid 19 - Professional Dive Schools Only

Please bring anti-bac wipes, hand sanitiser ,or gloves for disinfecting of all locks

  • and hands

  • Submit the Out of Hours booking- in form via email prior to your visit

  • All payments via bank transfer

  • Dive operators must have an amended RA that complies with PADI or Other NGB Training Agencies

  • Standards regarding Covid -19 recommendations and requirements.

  • Dive operators can only access the back lake

  • Dive operators have their own signed for key

  • Use of the contained toilet-only one person at a time

  • Social distancing - pre dive safety check (as per organization guidelines)

  • You must follow the normal safety protocol issued by your training organization, and any special guidance

  • provided by them regarding Covid-19

  • Underwater, social distancing is not needed

  • The use of alternate air source (as per organization guidelines)

  • No buddy breathing is allowed

  • Maximum of 21 people using rear car park and divers lake at any one time complying with social distancing

  • East entrance to the water’s edge maximum 4 persons at any one time

  • North entrance to the water’s edge maximum of 4 persons at any one time

  • Disinfecting of equipment (as per organization guidelines)

  • In water rescue (as per organization guidelines)

  • All Staff should have rescue breathing masks (reduce Covid-19 transmission)

  • Divers and staff must accept that responding to a real-life emergency may elevate disease transmission risk

  • All dive schools MUST notify by text or phone call to confirm safe exit and site is secure

  • Shore cover to make sure the gated entrance to the divers area is secure at all times and lock disinfected before and after use

Resources and References – Covid 19
PADI – Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI EMEA)
BDSG- British Diving Safety Group
DAN – Divers Alert Network
NGB – National Governing Body




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