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Recreational walk in Diver

Please call the centre to pre book ( you can only dive when the centre is open )

On arrival sign in , certification cards must be shown 

Cost is £18 per diver 

You will be issued with a key , and will need to sign out and return key before centre closes.

You must comply with the regulations of your governing body with regards to safe diving practices.

Professional Dive Schools

Pre arrange by e-mail or phone

 You must complete an out of hours form , completed with all divers names and signed and dated.

Shore cover is compulsary.

You must have First Aid Kit and Oxygen o2 ready to use in case of an emergency.

All dive schools MUST notify by text or phone call to confirm safe exit and site is secure.

Shore cover to make sure the gated entrance to the divers area is secure at all times.

Payment to be made by bank transfer or at the watersports centre if signing in.


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